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The Pilgrim Pipeline will better meet the
Northeast region’s current and future
demands for a stable supply of essential
petroleum products, transported in a safer
and more environmentally-friendly manner
compared to current methods of rail and
barge traffic along the Hudson River.

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Pilgrim Pipeline LLC is developing a 178-mile bi-directional
pipeline along the Hudson River in full compliance with all
existing laws and regulatory requirements as well as with
consideration for the concerns of its communities and
stakeholders. The pipeline will use state-of-the-art proven
construction materials and technologies including the most
up-to-date monitoring and oversight tools. Our management
team has extensive experience in pipeline development,
permitting, community engagement, regulatory compliance,
construction management and maintenance as well as a long
history of working with industry-leading experts to assist in
bringing best-in-class infrastructure projects to fruition.

Stabilization of the East Coast Oil Infrastructure

Pilgrim Pipeline Holdings, LLC is currently developing an East Coast pipeline to carry refined petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and jet and aviation fuel northbound from New York Harbor to Upstate New York. In addition, the pipeline will also carry crude oil from Albany, New York to refineries in PADD 1. Find out more….


Meet the Team

Pilgrim Pipeline Holdings has teamed up with a variety of industry leaders. Learn more about the team.


Environmental Benefits

Transporting petroleum products via the Pilgrim Pipeline is more environmentally friendly than relying on tankers or fleets of traditional barges.

Economic Benefits

The pipeline will provide a more economically efficient means of transporting oil and refined products than the current infrastructure allows.

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